Portable Bottle Warmer Adapter Set (Warmer + Four Adapters)

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Adapters included in the set

- Narrow Neck Adapter

-  Tommee Tippee

- Comotomo


Getting out the door with a baby can be a challenge. Having to warm up milk while out can be particularly stressful! And for parents who give their babies breast milk bottles there is the extra concern of heating the bottle properly to preserve nutrients. We know how much most babies can’t stand cold milk, so what’s a parent to do when they need to leave the house? Luckily, there’s the Baby’s Brew! It’s the first-ever battery-powered bottle warmer that can heat your baby’s breast milk to a perfectly safe temperature of 98.6 degrees.

The Baby’s Brew PRO is a warmer only option which is perfect for babies who are given breast milk bottles. 

So, what makes the Baby’s Brew ideal for babies who are fed breast milk bottles?

The Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer requires no outlet to heat up your baby’s breast milk. In the past, the only reliable bottle warmers with the features you’d want were electrical ones that needed to be plugged in. And though one of these is great to use at home, it doesn’t do you any good when you don’t want to be tied down.

With the Baby’s Brew, you get to select the temperature you prefer for your baby’s bottle with the push of a button. There is no guessing what temperature of milk you’ll be giving your baby, and that’s the peace of mind you need. 80F degrees is the lowest temperature setting offered by the Baby’s Brew. By selecting this, you’ll know that the essential nutrients and antibodies your body is producing for your baby wont’ be compromised from a bottle warmer.

The other safety feature of the Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer is the slow heat technology it uses. This ensures that no baby ever encounters dangerous hot spots in their milk, while also going through the heating process that works best with breast milk.


There are other great features to look forward to:

  • Fits most wide neck bottles. If it’s not compatible with your model of bottle out of the box, there are adapters to make the perfect fit.
  • Adjustable temperature function to get it just right for your little one
           - 80F - For when you are trying to get liquids to room temp
           - 98.6F - Ideal for Breastfed baby's
           - 103F - Made for all other liquids besides breastmilk
           - 110F - Perfect temp to help with reflux


  • Works with most Pre-made formulas ( does not work with Similac Alimentum, Enfamil A.R. and some other thick based formulas)
  • With the safe slow-heat technology, your baby’s bottle will be ready in 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Sleek, stainless steel, leak-proof design means you can easily carry it in a diaper bag, purse or cup holder
  • Holds a charge for up to 8-12 hours so you can leave the cord at home and use the warmer when you’re ready!
  • Will require 3A Power adapter (does not come with purchase)

Getting out and living life with your little one is important. With the Baby’s Brew, you never have to worry about a cold bottle ever again!