Blush Preemie Kit

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The Preemie Kit is designed for both preemies AND newborns offering a Preemie Tiny version for those first few weeks as well as a Preemie Stage 1 that will help your little one transition to the original PAT Stage 1.


Preemie babies only need the tiny nipple up until 35 weeks. After 35 weeks, they should begin the transition to a standard stage 1 nipple.


The Preemie Kit includes:
Cutie Preemie Tiny: For babies up to 35 weeks
Cutie Preemie Stage 1: For babies over 35 weeks. This nipple is the same as the PAT Round Stage 1 and is safe for newborns and babies without teeth!

Both the Cutie Preemie Tiny and the Cutie Preemie Stage 1 feature a notched shield that allows room for breathing, CPAP tubes, ET tubes, tube feeding, etc. The slim shield and the small beaded design both ensure that the Cutie Preemie is lightweight.

We strive to make parents’ lives easier with safe, high quality, multi-functional Cutie products. We understand life in the NICU can be stressful and we want to do whatever it takes to make it easier for both parents AND baby. Our goal with the Preemie Kit is to help parents transition their NICU babies to the Cutie PAT with ease.